I’ve always been an oversized sunglasses girl. Maybe it’s the instant glamour of big shades, or the allure of the stars who have given the look iconic status. Maybe it’s just because they cover up half my face, which has got to be a blessing on early morning school runs. Even if it’s raining. And dark.

Vogue has described the donning of oversized sunglasses as a ‘confidence imbued transformation’, which also nails it. Somehow with big sunglasses you can be someone else: A more glamourous, enigmatic and frankly more fabulous version of your bared faced self.

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s the oversized shade ruled. And through the decades, while other sunglasses trends have come and gone it has remained a constant, from Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn in 1950’s Hollywood, to Nicole Richie, the Olsen twins, and the modern day LA starlets, and everyone in between.

However this season, with the maximalist trend on a roll, oversized shades have positively swept the board. ‘Go Big or Go Home’ is the current fash pack mantra when it comes to sunnies, and from first peek at next season’s catwalks it shows no sign of abating. Confirmation that if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, oversized statement shades are where it’s at.

Here’s my top five investable styles:


We’re not talking John Lennon here; the round shade has supersized for 2016 and shows no sign of abating for autumn winter. Coloured plastic frames are on point, two tone even more so.

Style icon: Nicole Richie


This look has more than a hint of the Royal Tenenbaums about it. With a nod to the geek chic trend so big this season, the geometric shape couldn’t be more hot right now.

Style icon: Jackie O


The look has been warming up for a few seasons but spring/summer’s offerings are poppier and more statement-making than ever. Retro chic done at full volume.

Style icon: Lady Gaga


Last seen in the early 90’s, coloured lenses are big news again. Whether frameless or with chunky frames, blue and yellow are key colours.

Style icon: Twiggy


More was more on the spring/summer catwalks, but this is a tricky trend to pull off. For real life, keep the rest of your outfit minimal- even casual. Otherwise you’ll end up looking like Dame Edna Everage.

Style icon: Rihanna

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