Google anything on ‘awards’ and up pop dozens of ‘best and worst outfit’ articles. Surprisingly it seems rubbishing people’s look is still considered sport, even in the politically enlightened (but not very snappy sounding) twenty-tens.Part of my job back in the day was a writing a weekly fashion column critiquing outfits of those in the public eye. It was a popular page, in hindsight I realise most likely because it wasn’t really about fashion at all. It was more about being funny, by which read a little mean. When I went on to dress the host of the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing show each Saturday, the roles were reversed. Now it was the nation passing weekly comment on my client’s outfits… Not quite so funny.

So the point of all this is: I GET IT. There are always people who will pick holes in an outfit. Sometimes it seems easiest to fly under the radar in black, particularly with ‘event dressing’, possibly the most out of our comfort zone the majority of us get. Yes, black is chic – there’s a place for it in all our wardrobes. But it can also be a little dull. Especially if it’s being worn to hide behind. So try this for a new style motto: WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. You’ll never please all the people all the time and why should you want to?

This years round of awards dresses is a total high five to that. Barely any black dresses have been gracing the red carpet, and instead we’ve seen a rainbow of far more ’alternative’ colours: pink in every hue; yellow, the most look-at-me colour there is. ‘Safe’ isn’t high up on these girls’ priorities, regardless of where they score with the critics. And while we might not have the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards in Singapore, there are countless reasons for a statement event dress or two to feature in your wardrobe. So live on the edge and look past the safe option: buy that canary yellow feathered dress and ignore anyone who calls you ‘Tweetie Pie’. And if you need still need persuading, check out the line up from the recent Golden Globes, where black barely registered on the radar.

Pink: For the Fashionista

Officially the colour of the season, any hue will keep you on trend. Add fashion's ongoing obsession with ruffles and the result is charmingly frothy.

Yellow: For the Quirky

It’s brave, but so right for this side of the world. Plus it works well with a more offbeat style. Check Natalie Portman’s Jackie O inspired Prada number.

Metallic: For the Extrovert

Metallics are always on trend but this season silver is the tone to try. Head to toe allows you to keep the style simple. Or try an on trend deep plunge neckline ala Drew Barrymore.

White: For the Goddess

White is having a moment this summer, a result for us in Sunny Singapore where a tan has got to help. Plus cut outs aren’t going anywhere, with the shoulder trend reaching event-wear.


Sunday, 12 February: BAFTA Awards Sunday, 26 February: Academy Awards

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