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In praise of the Spring Sock

I will be honest- for most of my adult life socks have registered low on the desirable scale. I have actual mental scars from trying to pair 3 million almost but not quite the same tiny half pairs when my three children were younger. (These days my teens have a penchant for novelty socks which makes things substantially easier)

However. Today we’re looking at an entirely different, joy bringing creature ( that is also much easier to pair up): the stylish spring sock. The catwalk has been pushing the sock on us for not just seasons but years; and whether or not it's connected to our post lockdown love for everything cosy, fashion’s message seems finally to be filtering into day to day dressing in a serious way. It’s moved from eccentric aunt and alternative student to something that feels modern, yet practical. And who can resist a modern yet practical staple? Still feel too eccentric for you? Remember you don't have to go all out Japanese schoolgirl on the look. A peek of a block colour sock under a pair of crop trousers will still look chic and keep the ankles warm. And of course there's no disputing the appeal of socks for the house. My wfh look has officially become socks and furry sliders and I will not deny it brings me much pleasure.

Plus let’s look at this ethically. You may, like me be trying to find creative ways to achieve day to day happiness from your wardrobe without the constant need for new clothes. Adding a colour pop sock is an instant way to make an outfit say something different. And of course let’s not forget its fabulous gender neutrality- which makes it entirely possible to share a sock wardrobe (should you be so inclined) and tick the progressive box all in one pleasing scrap of wool. Finally on the subject of sustainability it’s an easy and affordable start to up level on staples like the sock, which will reward you for your thoughtfulness by lasting longer than one wash and generally making you feel like a better person.

Here are four types of spring sock to invest in- plus some summer shoes that can all be teamed with a spring sock while its still chilly.


A fine weave cotton colour block sock is the perfect enabler for starting to wear your summer sandals. You instantly feel like spring is coming, with a touch of teenager on the French Riviera. Never a bad vibe.



Banish the idea of your mothers pop socks: sheer, lace and fishnet socks are perfect popping out of a jean leg, and will save all any pesky tights and trouser issue. Plus it offers instant opportunity to wear the mary jane ballet slippers you've invested in. Right now.

Chanel SS23

SPORTS We should all know by now that the ribbed sportsock has officially made it into fashions higher echelons. Great with a Spring loafer, and for adding instant Margot Tannenbaum cool. Plus as a bonus they are a winner for keeping feet warm.



It may officially spring, but it's still frankly freezing, and i'm not entertaining any idea of wearing a backless shoe any time soon. However add a chunky ribbed or natural knit sock to a clog and suddenly you're working some authentic feeling scandi chic.

Taylor Hill ss23

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