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'New' Spring Trends (That we can Shop in our Wardrobes)

It's that time of year: While the catwalks are looking ahead to Autumn this week, Spring is dropping into stores, and with it the compulsion to run out and start buying 'stuff' , regardless of new year resolutions. So how to beat this urge for the new? Rather than use catwalk trend reports as a shopping list, let's start treating them as inspiration for new ways to wear what we already own, because lets face it, we all know trends are cyclical, and there's a good chance we might have invested in this season's 'new' pieces last time around. So in the spirit of wearing and enjoying what we have, heres a dozen trends and micro trends that we might just find lurking at the back of the wardrobe. And I hate to break the news, but those oversized floral midis? It might be time for them to be relegated for a while.

1. DENIM EVERYTHING. There will be no doing denim by halves for Spring 2023, and the previously adventurous Candian tuxedo is just the start of it. The maxi skirt is a strong new entry for spring, but no need to rush out if you don't own one. Layering up a denim shirt, jacket, and slouchy pair of jeans will still have you looking VERY fashion forward. PS. If you still haven't got the memo the skinny jean is now officially no more.

2. STATEMENT EARRINGS Move over chunky gold necklaces, there's some new jewels in town. Previously for the more avant garde among us the statement earring is currently making waves. Dig around in your jewellery box for long drops (the longer the better) , dangling shells, and quirky oversized showstoppers. And how to wear them? With anything and everything, but especially basics. (Something to bear in mind next time you popping out for milk in your pyjamas)

3. THE SHIRT. There are two shirt camps for summer, and both are very likely to be hiding in your wardrobe. The classic white shirt, reinterpreted for spring styling by wearing relaxed, unbuttoned and often untucked- yes even over skirts. The other option is the good old lumberjack, single handedly revived by Bottega Veneta and Kate Moss. Team with slouchy jeans and a vest and consider yourself officially on trend. If only fashion was always this easy...

4. SUNSET COLOURS There's a lot of neutrals about for Spring, but don't panic if that's not your bag, there's still plenty of colour to be had. Colour lovers: look in your wardrobes for colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel: 'sunset' shades of red, pink, oranges and yellow are particularly big. PS brave combinations? actively encouraged. Matchy Matchy? Also excellent.

5. SPRING SPARKLE. Its been a slow burn for festive wardrobe-ing to properly infiltrate the other 11 months of the year, but finally our clothes are starting to feel fully trans-seasonal, with sparkly tops teamed with daytime trousers ( silver are currently for the win), metallic skirts with sweatshirts, and glitzy trophy jackets over hoodies. Dopamine dressing at it's best.

6. HUGE BAGS I've always been a massive bag appreciator and am giddy to see the demise of the impractical micro and return of the maxi this season. Suitable for literally fitting everything bar the kitchen sink, check your wardrobes for your biggest holdall, and enjoy feeling ready for a mini break every time you leave the house. Ps co-ordinating with your outfit scores extra points.

7. CARGO TROUSERS Who would have thought the cargo trouser, trusty staple of every girl band between 1990 and 2000, would make a 2023 come back? The surprise hit is good news for those of us who still have a pair lurking at the back of the wardrobe and fancy a nostalgia trip. The other girl band essential , the crop top, is surely only for the brave or mad. Try a blazer and tank instead. Cargo trousers not for you? Any wide leg trousers will hit the spot.

8. SUMMER BLACK Fashion has decreed black a staple for summer, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the masses we all have hanging in our wardrobes can be put to good use. This season there'll no complicated layering of textures however, the memo is keep it simple, in cotton and jersey. (Breathes another sigh of relief.)

9. SUITING Be warned- suiting is going NOWHERE for Spring Summer. Gender neutrality is the new buzzword, and any blazer you own worn over any slouchy trousers or jeans will tick the box. Nb, the emphasis this season is on androgynous basics, the sexy secretary is not the look we're aiming for.

10. BALLET PUMPS Another blast from the not too distant past, the ballet pump may strike fear into some, but after a ten year gap, it's feeling surprisingly subversive. Those with a pair of classic Chanel's tucked away can feel quietly smug that you've weathered the storm. Wear with anything from cargo trousers to wide leg jeans. Oh, and PS: Ballet pumps aren't just for the girls anymore.

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All Images Courtesy of Vogue and Getty Images



Feb 19, 2023

Great blog and as you say so many of these things in my wardrobe, great to have some inspiration to dig them out again x

Annabel Kerman
Annabel Kerman
Feb 24, 2023
Replying to

Thanks so much for reading! the catwalk is def good for inspoxx

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