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The 2022 Festive Supermarket Sweep

It's the eternal Christmas conundrum: Regardless of whether or not festive cocktails/energy bills have cleaned us out, purchasing is at its peak, Christmas dinner has to be bought and the age old question of 'what to wear on the big day' is weighing heavy. Plus at this stage with the postal service in chaos the chance of online purchases even reaching us in time is looking shaky.

Enter help via my regular bi-annual supermarket sweep. Because with a Christmas delivery slot (hopefully) booked, what could be easier than throwing a few extras in the virtual basket, and not just for ourselves: In the name of research- and yes my own unfinished purchasing- I've trawled the supermarkets so you don't have to, and discovered not only excellent outfits, but an entire last minute gift guide for the whole family. I KNOW right. And in case you're thinking sustainability and supermarket shopping can't go hand in hand, these are no mere 'make do' options but quality pieces with longevity- that there's absolutely no reason shouldn't be kept and/or worn for years to come. (Which is the whole point to sustainability in my book)

So food fashion and gifting ticked in one click. Here's my edit, and yes, most of them are already in my basket. Merry Christmas Everyone!





I will be having a Xmas break from the blog for the next two weeks, but see you on 8th January! Happy Christmas and thank you for reading this year! Please subscribe for a Sunday morning delivery to your inbox.

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