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The 'Finally' Travel Bag

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

We all know that travel is still not a given. A close friend was just hours away from an airport trip to Miami this Easter when her daughter tested positive. So near and yet so excrutiatingly far. We're all still working a Russian Roulette approach to life at the moment; and so for many 2022 brings potentially the first foreign travel in three years.

OBVIOUSLY this means we need to bring our A-game to our travelling kit. But as much as I love the concept of styling a fabulous airport outfit- the reality is that by the time I've packed for a family of five ( Yes I pack for my entire family- I literally have no idea how this situation has come about) and executed an intensive and absolutely vital spring clean of the kitchen cupboards at 11.30pm the night before (to ensure a stress free post holiday return of course!) i've lost all inclination to style myself in snappy airport getup.

A good travel bag however? Always achievable, and for me a shortcut to feeling holiday ready, even if i‘m only wearing leggings, sliders and socks. A good bag has the transforming capability of making me feel like an 11th hour check in desk upgrade might be within my grasp. (The other accessory that makes me feel like this is a trilby. And no that's never worked either.) And if you're not off on holiday? My travel bags get used for overnighters, kids swimming lessons and everything in between.

Here are a dozen of my current favourites, from a flighty tote to a heavy duty rucksack, depending on what tickles your traveling fancy. Enjoy, and have a lovely Easter!

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