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The Iris Apfel for H&M Edit

If you haven't heard of Iris Apfel, where have you been for the last century? The American business woman, interior designer, fashion icon and all round powerhouse has surely got to be the ultimate representative of ageless style - her statement maximalist look of artisanal pieces she sources from around the world, flamboyant jewellery and oversized glasses, has become 'accidentally iconic', she has had multiple exhibitions dedicated to her style, and she signed with IMG models at the age of 97. Oh and did I mention she's just turned 100?

Clearly we're in the midst of a sea change when it comes to our attitude to age. Go back a couple of decades and women were moved into 'grandmother mode' by about 50. No argument. Now many of the most powerful and aspirational women in (and out of) the public eye are over this age, and showing their younger contemporaries how it's done. Finally there is dawning the understanding that female ageing should bring the same respect, the same self worth and the same confidence that it has always afforded men.

So the decision by H&M to create an entire collection designed by Apfel, inspired by her colourful and eclectic clothing and jewelery collection, to celebrate her 100th birthday, is surely cause for mass excitement. The idea that a brand generally associated with 'youth' is embracing the idea that style is about attitude not age surely deserves high fives all round. The future is looking bright ladies.

The Iris Apfel collection hits stores this wednesday 31st march. Set those alarms if you want to stand a chance of bagging it. (Click back here on 31st for links)

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