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The Sequin Trouser Edit

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

The sequin trouser. The item you hadn't realised you needed in your winter wardrobe, but (in case you missed the memo) is now officially ESSENTIAL. I bought a pair that hung in my wardrobe for several seasons before I took them for a ride at an Elvis fancy dress party and realised they were inadvertently my coolest look in ages. Because make no mistake, the sequin trouser is a very different beast from the sequin skirt or the sequin dress, which can often veer into either Ru Paul or christmas party territory. The sequin trouser comes with an air of androgenous insouciance despite it's extravagant sparkliness. It's Bianca Jagger meets Grace Jones with a sprinkling of Claudia Winkleman on a Saturday night, all rolled up into a seventies fabulous boy meets girl-ish package. And yes, you can max up the sequin trouser, but for real 2022 vibes dress it down- with a knit, a flat shoe, a trainer, a shirt, or to be really of the moment, try a slouchy yet glamorous co-ord that looks like you might possibly wear your sequins to bed. The emphasis is on 'the effortless sequin' , which might have previously seemed an oxymoron but now appears to be the only desirable approach.

Plus on an ethical note sequins, historically one of the less sustainable products we could choose, are now starting to be produced from recycled materials, and are moving towards becoming biodegradable, so it's worth buying from conscious brands. But of course the best way to be sustainable with sequins is to simply keep on wearing them. (They really aren't just for Christmas.) Here are my current top choices from independents, the high street and upwards. PS I'm not sure I'm going to be able to resist the green M&S co-ord and the rose gold Warehouse.

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Main image shot by Elisabeth Hoff, styled by me for Gmaro Magazine

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