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The Spring Knit

No one can deny the weather has been playing with us this week. Last Saturday I was merrily partaking in an alfresco lunch in the garden, wearing sandals (no socks), drinking rose, and may have even optimistically set up the new tennis net. A few days later and I'm battling to school pickup through some sort of apocalyptic hailstorm, feeling like an extra from 'The Day After Tomorrow' (no Jake Gyllenhaal). There are clearly some ominous global warming issues afoot, but on a more shallow level the current weather confusion is playing havoc with both my wardrobe and my Hollywood leading man daydreams.

So back to layering we go- but this sort of seasonal step backwards needs to come with a boost of positivity. We need spring knitwear that looks ahead to sunnier weather while keeping us warm in the meantime; the kind of knit that can layer up on cold days but will look just as at home thrown casually over the shoulders with shorts and suntanned legs on a balmy evening in Cannes. ( Well we can dream.)

Plus the catwalks have already spoken that summer knits are where its at this year, with Vogue awarding the definitive seal of approval for 2022. Which makes cuddling up in a jumper watching netflix when here we were thinking spring had sprung, look positively 'on trend', rather than 'just because we're just a bit chilly'. Here is my edit of perky spring knits that will take you from brisk march to balmy july and everything in between, and that have enough mood boosting positivity to carry you through those apolcalyptic hailstorms. Even without Jake Gyllenhaal.

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