My Top Party Style Tips ( Stolen Straight from the A List)

December 13, 2016



So it’s suddenly December. And what with work, children’s Christmas parties, present buying, family visit planning, holiday booking, and an out of control Whatsapp habit (or maybe that’s just me),  researching the trends and boosting your party wardrobe may not have made it to the top of your to-do list.


We need to enlist time saving devices fast, which is when shamelessly trawling the Hollywood set’s party looks comes in to play. The beauty of taking style inspiration from celebrities and those in the public eye is that, lets not kid ourselves, they

ALL have stylists. So any look we pilfer from them has generally already been given fashion’s seal of approval.


Even more pleasingly it looks like the key style points to garner from this ‘research’ are actually totally achievable for us civilians, and potentially already hanging in your wardrobe. So before embarking on an uncontrolled 15-minute trolley dash between the office and school pickup, read on and commit to memory these top five Christmas party style tips that will instantly label you fashion savvy, while leaving a few coins for the kids’ Christmas presents.


The pleated skirt is officially a thing this season, in any length between the knee and ankle grazing.  Make it metallic and you’ll score extra points. The beauty is you can wear the pleated skirt with anything from an uber glam evening top to a crisp shirt (the fashionistas’ choice and surprisingly easy to wear), to the most simple of t-shirts, giving you multiple party looks.


Those of you who thought the summer mega-trend for shoulder-baring styles would fall out of favour come fall — think again. The trend is still big news for Christmas party dressing, a total bonus for those of us getting festive in balmy Singapore. Those off the shoulder and cutout dresses already in your wardrobe can simply be reworked with heels and a blow dry for the party season.


I get it, sometimes there REALLY isn’t time. In which case the only option is to throw on a huge piece of statement jewellery and hope for the best. This Christmas the jewellery in question can only be a pair of tasseled earrings that, I agree, wouldn’t look out of place holding your mum’s curtains back, but go with it. Team with slicked back hair (perfect for the Singapore humidity) and they’ll turn the simplest outfit into a party worthy look.ultiple party looks.

 4. RED

It must be universally acknowledged that there is nothing more festive than wearing red (unless we’re including an actual Mrs. Claus outfit) and there’s A LOT of statement red popping up on the fashion set this season. An easy festive tick, most of us have a flash of crimson somewhere in our wardrobe, but if all else fails a red lip can do no wrong. Ever. P.S.: team with dusky pink and you’ll be fashion forward for spring.


The dress over trousers may seem like a wild card, but it works on so many levels. Take the four-inches-too-short party dress at the back of your wardrobe, the way too girlie impulse buy, or the shift that you’ve written off as party inappropriate. Add a pair of fine cropped tux trousers, a wide pant or a skinny jean, and stilettos. Result: outfit revamped and suddenly much cooler than before.

Have a fabulous party season! xxx



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