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All you need is Bags Shoes and Jewels: Pimp your Outfit this Fall

There’s no denying fall is a tricky time for following catwalk trends when we live in Singapore. It’s just too darned hot. But the silver lining is that new season clothes also mean new season accessories, which are far easier to embrace than jumpers and coats.

Of course a few tweaks still need to be made for our climate: socks and tights are huge news for fall, which would be madness to attempt on our side of the world. Not to mention ladylike gloves. Or fur scarves. However, in the main the joy of fall accessories is that they can be worn regardless of temperature, with the added bonus that we can indulge as much as we fancy: more is more when it comes to accessorizing this season. Yes, you might end up looking a little like you’ve fallen into the dressing up box, but roll with it. Your five-year-old daughter will love you for it.


This season there are a few key trends to tap into if you want to maintain bag related fashion cred. The oversized shopper bag is back, so we can start hauling our life around with us again (That striped Balenciaga has beach trip written all over it.)

On a smaller scale the cross body is the new shoulder bag, with extra style points awarded for embellished guitar style straps.

For evening the newly christened ‘top knot’ bag with a little ‘granny’s old evening bag’ charm is for the fashion forward. Add jewels, chains fringing fur and pearls and you’ll stay safely on point.


There’s a shoe for everyone this fall. For the flamboyant try the ultra-high platforms that swamped the catwalks — admittedly Bowie-esque platform boots may be seasonally unsuitable but platform sandals will tick all boxes.

Those of us who feel the need to remain closer to the ground will welcome the continuation of the reign of the flat masculine shoe, with the backless loafer a new must have.

Finally, those who have been missing heels the last few seasons will be relieved the pump is back in business, but try the wealth of quirky heels on offer along with the classic stiletto.

JEWELLERY Statement jewelry is a ‘thing’ for fall, so minimalists get used to it. Big Earrings get bigger, and anything goes, with mismatched and single versions popping up all over the catwalks.

In other news, pearls are key, with dramatic long layers, chokers (yes the 1990’s staple is officially back) and tiaras.

Plus, we know it’s not exactly ‘jewelry’ but the slim neck bow is the new favourite accessory addition for fall. Wear long and flowing or tied in a pussy bow. NB: Colour and print clashing is actively encouraged.