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Nail Your Capsule Wardrobe, Wherever You Are Spending Christmas

If you're headed to colder parts the globe this Christmas you may well be feelings smug. My social media feeds have started filling up with images of 'seasonal jumpers' that give me huge pangs of homesickness, and eve reading about frostbitten fingers starts to take on a kind of romantic allure, particularly while queuing at school pickup in 35 degrees with faulty car air conditioning. In the UK this year there's even snow for bonus nostalgia points.

However this is Singapore, where we must resist the idea that Christmas is synonymous with being cold ( unless we're taking the kids to the cinema to see Paddington Two, which ticks both nostalgia and temperature boxes). Feeling festive doesn't rely on wearing a knitted reindeer hat. But it does help if we give our Christmas day look some attention, to make it feel different to the other 364, eve if we have to juggle with present buying, work deadlines and childs nativity outfit production. And if that look can include a bit of celebratory sparkle then all the better.

Here are three seasonal style options, for three totally different types of Christmas Day, as let's face it Singapore is nothing if not diverse. All are from Singapore available online stores, that will deliver to your home pre the festivities kicking off, so there's really no excuse not to be prepared. Many cover kids and menswear too so you can kit the whole family out should you feel inclined. It is Christmas after all...

European Vacation

Trend: Knit and sparkles

A Festive European visit means we suddenly stop moaning about stores being full of bobble hats and fur coats. Now is the time to indulge in the season's biggest trend: Any festive feeling skirt in tulle, sequin or fringing juxtaposed with a chunky knit and quirky heels is a winner. I am not heading to Europe and to say I am insanely envious of those who are going to be working this trend is an understatement.

Style Inspiration: Zendaya

1. Skirt H&M

2. Clutch What Women Want

3. Jumper Bershka

4. Shoes Zara

Singapore Staycation

Trend: Relaxed Glamour

Singapore on Christmas day demands up temp dressing; If you're brunching go for colour, print and high impact pieces that can feel too summery in colder climes. The mood here is party, but the key is to keep cool in the humidity, Tap into the ongoing trend of chocolate box pyjama suiting: effortless, and won't leave you feeling like a melting quality street. Heels mean taxis (and prosecco) can be classed as 'essential'.

Beachside Playcation

Trend: The New Grecian

For those of us getting away from it all at a beach location, the challenge is maintaining a festive feel on Christmas day. Opt for Grecian, a huge look for the coming season, and good news for those of us who live in sandals. Choose a draping of pleated maxi accessorised with gold, and enjoy and outfit with room for a second helping of Christmas lunch. Think Jade Jagger with a touch of the Angel Gabriel. ( Who says beachwear and Christmas can't meet.)