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Christmas is Coming: A Dozen Investment Tuxedo Jackets (that won't break the bank)

I am in denial that Christmas is coming. Apart from the fact that a hot half term holiday has left me feeling like its still summer, I don't feel like I've properly entered into autumn dressing let alone Christmas. ( I am currently resisting the move into the black opaque but I feel the time is coming). Add to that I have minimised my clothes buying this year; which while generally has worked out just fine, suddenly it feels like I needs an injection of 'festive fabulous'. What I need is a wardrobe addition that will add a little edge and excitement to everything I already own. What I need is a Tuxedo Jacket.

A wardrobe classic that remains essentially unchanged since it originated in the late 1800's, the tuxedo was named after a New York enclave for the social elite, and adopted by women through Marlene Dietrich in the 1930's. Gender blurring centuries before it became a 'thing', the tux has become synonymous with strong women who challenge the status quo: the tuxedo alumni reads like a who's who of rebellious non conforming trail blazers, from Bianca Jagger, to Patti Smith to Madonna. And whether we are out to disrupt the drift or just out for the work Christmas party who doesn't want in on that vibe.

Adrogeny Rules: Bianca Jagger, Marlene Dietrich and Catherine Deneuve

Apart from all the above, a tuxedo jacket is the simplest way to make an outfit say 'out out', whether you choose to go Kardashian style with nothing underneath, slung over the shoulders of a dress in a 'borrowed from the boys kind of way', ramping up a t-shirt and jeans, or for the fashion forward, iconic and androgenous with a shirt and tie. And agreed: a YSL 'Le Smoking' is the ultimate, but that doesn't mean we can't score sartorially AND afford to pay the mortgage. And dont forget a tux is an excellent piece to search preloved or vintage, and potentially score a classic that will last forever. Here are a dozen excellent options.

Thank you for reading! I will be back next week with my affordable Christmas gift guide so subscribe if you need some inspiration

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