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If you buy One Thing this Month: A Trophy Skirt that says Summer

You might have noticed fashion has got rather grown up lately. The fun-but-it-won’t-last post covid flamboyance has paved the way for its sartorial antithesis: pared back quiet luxury- clothes that whisper not shout, in quality fabrics that will last, in keeping with the new era of sustainability. So far so good. HOWEVER it’s sometimes easy to confuse wardrobe longevity with simplicity: just because a piece is statement making it doesn’t mean it won’t stay in our wardrobes forever.

Enter the trophy summer skirt: Relaxed enough to throw on in place of jeans, even in these rather non balmy temperatures; and scene stealing while still allowing allegiance to the new classic mindset by teaming with a crisp shirt, a simple t-shirt; a minimal blazer; bold sandals. Essentially a maximal minimal mash up. (Although many of these skirts have a natty coordinating top half if we choose to go the whole enjoyably maximalist hog. ) Plus we shouldn’t underestimate the mood boosting qualities of a whipping out a look at me seasonal piece when the sun comes out. For my recent trip to Palma I rediscovered a vintage Betty Barclay geometric print denim maxi I bought last year for a balmy American road trip last year. Instant mood elevation.

Read on for twenty curated trophy summer skirts to keep forever. For when we feel like shouting not whispering.

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