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Investment Pieces: An End of Summer Sale Edit

I've said it before- I have no love of the sales. Particularly the high street sales of my youth, which usually involved queuing around the block in the rain, often at a retail park, always executed with church hall jumble sale frenziness, and where we somehow ended up going home laden down with 'bargains' we neither needed or wanted.

These days we are all obviously MUCH more mindful with our purchases. (Mostly.) We know we need to be working towards a wardrobe with longevity that will last us years, not seasons. But aligning this move towards 'forever' items with the rest of life's annoyingly spenny essentials (food and electricity anyone?) throws up a tricky conundrum: How do we justify investing in our wardrobe? There are a few answers- but a good one is working the sales to our advantage. Which means no jumble sale style frenzies, but spending time searching out sensible quality items we both want and need to fill the holes in the jigsaw puzzles of our wardrobes. Usually online. And yes, trawling online takes time, which most of us are also short of - so today I've done the hard work for you - and curated twenty five quality staple wardrobe pieces that I consider to have longevity, at excellent prices. But be warned- these pieces wont hang around, many sold out during my search ( although I have tried to select pieces that are still showing good availability) - So if you feel any of these have a place in your wardrobe you need to be quick. But no shoving please.

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