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My Mid February Resolution, and some Particularly Good Trench Coats

Over the past month I've been considering what i'm trying to achieve with my blog. We all know we need to 'Buy Less Buy Better', but sometimes the pressure of this statement to only buy massively expensive investment pieces becomes rather anxiety inducing. My attitude is: wherever you buy from, have the tools to know where to shop, buy with thought, and WEAR YOUR PURCHASES. Often. So in regards to the blog and in case you are new to it: My 2023 resolution ( a little late but bear with) is to serve you style related content covering sustainable approaches to your wardrobe, and alternate weeks i'll give thoughtful options for purchasing pieces I think are both wardrobe and life enhancing: from independent and preloved, to good quality brands that are budget conscious (and often in the sale) and sensible high street options from brands with a conscience. Pieces that i would buy myself.

So- on that note- today I’m looking at a Spring(ish) staple that I will be honest- I haven’t had in my wardrobe for a decade- the trench coat. Admittedly for half this time I was living in 35 degree heat where just saying the word ‘coat’ brought people out in a sweat. Since coming back to ‘fresher climes' the trench has been one of those items that I promised I would go high value with, but for several reasons (the main one being lack of spare cash) I haven't managed. However, instead I recently bought an 'affordable sales investment', that may not be the Burberry of dreams, but is giving me much pleasure, that I know will still have longevity in my wardrobe. So if a trench coat is on your list- what to look for? Bigger is better; these days a longer gender neutral feeling trench is the most modern approach. Here are twenty options all aiming for quality on a sensible budget. There are some excellent sales pieces and some fabulous preloved gems in the mix that if you don't snap up someone else will. And how to wear it? The easy answer is over everything and anything, but i'm including a few A list endorsed ways to get some fresh juices flowing.

The trench coat. The ultimate in gender neutral fabulous. Oh and Superstar endorsed

(Image David Bowie and Tina Turner/ Dave Hogan)

#TIP1 Keep it simple. You'll never go wrong teaming your trench with a classic French breton, or a south bank-esque roll neck with sunglasses and ballet pumps.

#TIP 2 Go old school Hollywood ala Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn , and team a trench with a babushka style scarf and a pensive look. (if under chin is a step too far tie around your neck)

#TIP 3 Wear your Trench AS the outfit, belted as dress with knee high boots for part Inspector Gadget part sexy Nancy Drew. ( And bypasses all those pesky outfit decisions.)

#TIP 4 Dress it down. A trench thrown on over a tracksuit or hoodie, trainers and a cap will instantly up level your look to off duty Hollywood. Keep it tonal for extra points.

#TIP 5 Dress it up. A trench doesn't have to be minimal. Wear over a favourite dress or sparkles to give a feminine or party look a masculine edge.

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See you next Sunday, for 'new season' trends that you almost certainly already have in your wardrobe.



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