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Some February Gifting Ideas

Updated: Feb 10

I will not call this a 'Valentines' post as I have long had issues with ANYTHING that involves tables for two and Hallmark Cards. ( Also Gal-entine or Pal-entine as a phrase is unacceptable in my book). However as I get older I'm appreciating any opportunity for gifting, self or otherwise. Surely rationing to birthdays and Christmas is not allowing a regular enough dopamine hit of gifting pleasure to infiltrate our lives. No, nowadays every opportunity to instill some celebratory cheer should be welcomed, and that absolutely doesn't need to be achieved via a. A partner or b. A mega budget. Plus who says a Valentine gift still needs to fall into any

overtly feminine/masculine/romantic/specific colour camp? So without further ado here's a dozen last minute gifts that will brighten up someones day regardless of the gender of your val, gal or pal.

An Excellent Biscuit

There can be few in life who would deny the simple pleasure of an excellent biscuit and Biscuiteers do it really really well. Plus many are letter box postable.

An LED Facial Mask

I have done extensive research and the insta approved Lux Skin LED mask is a fraction of the price of the mega versions on the market. Now we can all chase that fountain of youth.

A T-shirt That Gives Back

The Choose Love charity supports displaced people across the world . Give your favourite a non cheesy token of your affection designed by Katherine Hamnett, that also does good.

A liberty Gift Coin

Not sure what to gift? These chunky Liberty gift coins start from £25 and come in a purple velvet pouch for a positively fairytale worthy gifting experience.

A Crepe Maker

I bought this Breville for my husband at the 11th hour last Valentines and it was one of my most successful ever, not least because it means he makes breakfast, but also that little heart shaped crepe on the packaging clearly deems it Valentine suitable. It also cooks an excellent fried breakfast.

Some Mittens for her or him

I am officially championing the mitten this Winter for her AND him. Plus these Acne Studios pair fall into the 'investment' bracket that has a nice long term ring about it.

A Special Pie

Disclaimer: I personally won't be eating this Fortnum and Mason pork pie but it's hearty non saccharine statement is right up my street. Oh and my husband would go wild for it.

Coloured socks

Anything Uniqlo is a winner for me but the mens sock department is another level with a rainbow wall of socks for £12.90 for 4. Valentines economy and sharing at its best.

A lucky Penny from Dower and Hall

Mens and unisex jewellery is often chunkier and more statement making plus easily stealable if gifted to a partner. These Dower and Hall lucky pennies are a more interesting than average sentiment on Valentine's Day.

A Sharing Cologne

Perfume and cologne have long been considered a 'safe' valentines bet but guessing someone's someone's taste is actually a minefield. A sharing box of Byredo unisex tasters is a joint token gift that will surely please everyone.

Flowers Monthly

And finally flowers don't need to be basic: my favourite online florist Bloom and Wild offers gorgeous and non generic letterbox flowers monthly for a year- a definite uplevelling of the grab and dash petrol station offering.

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