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Summer's best dresses under £100 (that aren't high street)

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Last week I edited the the supermarket's best summer holiday buys, and have never had such a huge response to a blog. It's clear, we all like a bargain, now more than ever. But how does that sit with the urgent need to pooh-pooh (technical term) fast fashion, and buy ethically made pieces from independent labels? Let alone the need to wear outfits that we feel reasonably confident won't be spotted on half our fellow holiday makers this summer.

The main problem is that many independent brands are often just too darn expensive. Over £300 used to be wedding guest outfit territory, now it’s considered acceptable for an every day dress. Out of reach for most, especially if we're blessed with multiple kids and a holiday habit.

So I have taken it upon myself to tirelessly trawl the world wide web for last minute summer dresses ( surely a failsafe holiday staple): pieces from from independent and small brands, that are well made, kind to the environment, you wont see every other person wearing on your holidays, but come in at under £100. It was harder than I thought - and yes there are many totally beautiful independent brands that fell by the wayside as their price points are just too high for this edit. So here it is: my curated top thirty- ranging from £15 to £99. Some of these are sale bargains that won't be around long- in fact even while writing this blog some choices sold out. But all of them are brilliant brands to keep on your radar as high street alternatives. Happy (guilt free) shopping!

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