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Let's be clear - I do not love the January Sales. The annual frenzy that begins on Boxing day and lasts seemingly into mid February, when we feel compelled to purchase things we dont need or sometimes even want. But like everyone I do LOVE a bargain, and of course there's nothing that compares to the glee of bagging something at 70% off marked price. However, only if I need it anyway. Which brings me to my point. If you do brave shopping while the sales are on, online or irl (surely only for the mad) it's good to have some sort of mental hit list; to be clear on what you actually want or need to complete to the ever shifting jigsaw that is your wardrobe. Here's my selection of some current key pieces which I consider wardrobe builders, all of which have longevity, and some of which just might be your missing pieces.

*(Any jigsaw analogies are absolutely not due to my being a secret puzzle obsessive and spending 4 hours doing one yesterday.)

The good old church jumble sale c/o pinterest. Don't let your sales shopping become this.


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