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The Autumn 'Must Haves' (We Can Shop in Our Wardrobes)*

I have written this article a few times since starting my blog and I always LOVE putting it together. Because there is something about the arrival of a new season that brings with it a hard to resist urge to go out and buy new 'stuff'. Yes a weather change often feels like a time to re-evaluate- but there is also a back to school feel about September specifically, that makes us crave a new start. Or maybe its just that we are all victims of an evil consumerist cycle. Take your pick. Anyhoo. The way to beat this urge for the new is to re-evaluate trends. Because lets face it, it's never their first rodeo. A 'new' trend is rarely a 'new' item, but rather an item that's been restyled, many of which are already lurking in our wardrobes, waiting for their time in back in the limelight. And if you dont have them? Sometimes it's because that item isn't your thang anyway.

Also let's not forget that Oxfam's second hand September is currently running (clearly the organisers know the urge is strong right now, as well as the alliterative joys of that title) So shop your wardrobe first, and preloved second this month (There really is no excuse these days). I've trawled through and cherry picked some key A/W trends and micro trends that you just might already own.

*Apologies to use 'Autumn' in the title . I hear Summer may be back for a week, but lets face it, its happening.

1. Wardrobe Staples

Most of us will have clocked the 'Quiet Luxury' aesthetic of recent months: unfussy but elevated pieces in neutral colourways. In layman terms this translates to a white t-shirt, blazer and a good pair of jeans, which surely we all own already. For Autumn comes a practical androgynous twist: Slouchy boyfriend jeans; oversized blazer; extra large hoody; white shirt. . Not got these? Steal any geographically proximate male's wardrobe.

2. Red

Red is THE colour of the season, whether you choose to dip a toe in or channel Jessica Rabbit, but for extra fashion points wear all your red together. It's surprisingly liberating, with none of that 'does it match' trickiness. No red in your wardrobe? Consider a mini purchase of a red sock ala Bottega Veneta. Instantly iconic- although I prefer with trousers.

IMAGES Bottega Veneta , Ferregamo

3. A Black coat

I PROMISE this is what the catwalks are serving us for Autumn: That we can wear our trusty black work coat over everything and it's officially fashion. To take it one step further make everything underneath black too and you will be KILLING it with the sensible goth aesthetic. ( Shh no one mention that's what most of us normally wear)

IMAGES The Row Victoria Beckham Givenchy

4. Practical Outerwear

If you enjoy being weather prepared you'll be pleased to know you'll inadvertently have your finger on the pulse this season. Oversized parkas and anoraks were everywhere on the catwalks, and before you jump to conclusions, you aren't being told to team with a party dress (you are more than welcome to obvs) but rather with other sensible items like hoods, balaclavas and chunky boots.

IMAGES Maxmara, Ganni, MArni

5. Big Gold Earrings

The news that big statement earrings are continuing their reign for Autumn makes for an easy tick If you bought into the trend last season. If not take a rummage in your jewellery box. This time round ear hardwear is more maximal so if you've been hankering after a helix piecing there's no time like the present. How to wear? The more basic the rest of the look the better, we're not aiming for Dynasty.

IMAGES Zimmerman, Valentino

6. 'Fun' tights

With all this common sense catwalk advice its nice to see a bit of easily achievable frivolity which this season arrives in the form of colourful and textured tights . (Yes I know half a second ago fashion said tights were actually the devil in hosiery form but now it's changed its mind) For those of you who couldn't quite throw themselves into the joys of the sock and shoe, it's time to dig out the party tights from last Christmas and give them an Autumn whirl.

IMAGES Chanel, Ahluwaller

7. A Long Scarf

Most of us have a lifetime of scarf purchases lurking in a cupboard somewhere that may have previously have felt a bit 'un' fashion . Their moment has come. Discard any skimpy options and focus on the huge ones that are currently being used as sofa throws. Coordination with a coat is good. Coordination with what's under the coat is better. And a scarf that's the star of the outfit, wraps round the neck twice and and dangles on the floor? That's best.

IMAGES Louis Vuitton, Marni, Paul Smith

8. Tan with Everything

Another hero colour for the season. Trusty tan, which most of us will have in some form or another, has got sexy. Move aways from classic navy and cream pairings and try with grey ( controversial but brilliant) the season's red or mix with tonal yellows and summers 'sunset' colours if you are feeling adventurous. ( adventuring as always is actively encouraged)

IMAGES Tory Burch, Miu Miu,

9. Layering

Tucking in? It's last seasons news (Ok I admit I will never stop tucking in). There is however a definite move to revealing your layers, whether it's as simple as shirt hem out the bottom of a jumper, a shirt collar tucked inside a knit- or if you're feeling more adventurous, sheer layers: leggings under a skirt or a coloured tight panel showing above the waistline. (This may sound wild but surely I'm not the only one who wears tights pulled up to bra level in winter?)

IMAGES Molly Goddard, Gucci

10. A Hot Water Bottle

Finally I leave with you with the unexpected but brilliant trend from the Burberry catwalk : The humble hot water bottle, which bearing in mind the Summer we've just had seems a sensible consideration for Autumn. Originally an 'on the morning tube guilty pleasure' the water bottle has been elevated to accessory that we should all now try to coordinate with our looks. Excellent news for those in possession of a sewing machine and/or knitting skills.

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