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By this stage in December any urge to splash out on party outfits has surely been replaced by either extreme present buying, the navigation of food delivery slots, or a sudden urgent need to entirely redecorate the house before the extended family arrive. (In my case all the above.) But whatever we're spending on, it's surely universally agreed this isn't the most sustainable time of year. Enter 'The Christmas Pyjama': probably the most sensible piece of clothing we can invest in this month. A good pair of pyjamas has longevity: always in fashion, practical but with an air of the louche, and if you're gifting pretty hard to get wrong. Plus most 2021 options could realistically be passed off as an actual Christmas day outfit if required. A multiple win. So whether you're channelling Wendy from Peter Pan or a feather trimmed retro socialite, and budget buying or budget blowing, a pair of these pyjamas will never be a bad idea.

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