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The Denim Shirt

The denim shirt- surely one of the most timeless wardrobe staples, from sexy Marilyn style to buttoned to the neck and boyish ala Annie Hall, to countless off duty celebrity looks. And yet it’s never featured in my wardrobe. I spent most of my twenties wearing a spray on buttoned up leg pair of jeans trying to be Kate Moss. And most of my thirties wearing a teeny tiny denim jacket , usually with a prom skirt, trying to be Sarah Jessica Parker. But the denim shirt? Overlooked. In recent years- living in a country with temperatures that demanded huddling under ceiling fans at parties- wearing a shirt, let alone a denim one was enough to bring both wearer and observer out in a sweat. So I returned to the UK with a denim free collection of clothes, and it's taken a while for it to take a hold again.

But this season with so many options on the catwalks and in stores, I have had a denim shirt epiphany. Maybe it’s because these days my style is now more Annie Hall than either Kate Moss or SJP, or maybe its because UK 'Spring' temperatures mean layering is now my friend ( it snowed this week!) but I’m currently feeling it’s the answer to most of life’s sartorial questions. Many of you will have a denim shirt in your wardrobe in which case take a new look at what direction to style it. And if like me you are mid denim shirt discovery here are my current top twenty - from feminine and befrilled to clean lined and androgynous, and everything in between .


For those of us who love a clean line- go for oversized or boxy and try denim on denim for some minimal luxe


With more than a touch of the Daisy Duke about it, team with cowboy boots for max country appeal


When fashion gets its hands on the denim shirt. Will add drama to an outfit dressed up or down.


The classic Americana version. Try it simple and unbuttoned with gold chains.

Oversized Collar

The denim shirt gets quirky. Wear with prints for an eclectic look.

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