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Michael Buble is playing, we have a bowl of crisps by our left hand and a glass of wine in our right. The Holiday is lined up for evening viewing (OK- full disclosure- I must be the only person alive who doesn't love The Holiday, but you get the idea.) The last thing we want to be doing in these already stresssful times is more Christmas shopping, let alone worrying about styling ourselves for the big day. Enter the Festive Supermarket Sweep. With a Christmas slot booked, what could be easier than re-logging on and throwing a few stylish extras in the virtual basket? Or an IRL speed browse alongside yet another crisps and dips stock up? And these are no mere 'make do' options, but pieces with actual longevity, that can rival both high street and designer brands alike. So: food and fashion ticked. Satisfying in every sense. Here are my last minute choices.

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