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The Hold Everything Quilted Bag

I'm not talking about a quilted Chanel ladybag here. Although admittedly that is on my fashion bucket list. No- this version of quilted bag is a far more practical beast- not to mention substantially lighter on the bank balance.

It started with an accidental fall down an Arket rabbit hole post Christmas when searching for a bag to take on work appointments that would fit my all important a4 notebook. (Yes it has to be a4. Just as my pens have to be Papermate Flair. Not at all obsessive compulsive) Anyway, I chanced upon a Pia Wallen (Iconic Swedish textile and fashion designer) collaboration of a quilted beige bag with a subversive bright green lining. And a4 size too! I was smitten.

So what's the appeal of a big quilted bag? Whether its the constant subconscious need to feel like we're still cuddled up at home, the fact these bags can be thrown in the washing machine when necessary, or just that for once they hold it ALL ( and speaking as a person who forever takes two bags as a handbag just won't fit it all, this means a lot). Whatever the reason there is no poo pooing a bag that combines practicality with something to rest your head on on a long journey.

There are two quilted camps- The sleeping bag/pillow/duvet variety, or the childhood eiderdown variety. I'm going for both, to cover both the 1990's and the 1970's inclined. here's my current favourites.


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