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The Holiday Series: Amalfi Edit

The mini heatwave this week has got me totally over excited about holidays, and while I appreciate there's a good chance Summer will be over by the time you read this blog, if we don't throw ourselves into holiday mode now it will be Autumn before we know it. So: I plan to run a series of destination inspired edits between now and September, that can act as both shopping or packing inspiration for a trip, or just as gratuitous eye candy for a Sunday morning.

This week i'm serving you all things Italian Rivieria: stripes, florals, raffia, and lemon motifs (essential), in fruity colour pops and pastel colourways. And no it doesn't matter if you work the look in Torquay instead. Next: The Ibiza edit.*

*Definately not just to give myself inspiration before I holiday there in August.

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