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The Holiday Series: The Ibiza Edit

When I started the holiday series last month we were in the midst of a mini heatwave; a few weeks later and we are experiencing the most extreme temperatures most of us have ever seen, that will have many swooning in darkened rooms and pondering the end of the world. My son has just leant over my shoulder and told me we could see the extinction of humans in our generation. Scary stuff.

Bearing all this in mind I thought what better to distract ourselves from global warming than sartorial positivity in the shape of a holiday wardrobe that matches the weather. ( I never said I wasn't shallow) So today I’m channeling the White Island with some Ibizan inspiration. Full disclaimer: I haven’t actually been to Ibiza. I’m due to go in a few weeks time and am beyond excited. I plan to wander romantically around markets in maxi dresses with a straw bag, humming Kate Bush, while my husband has it large at Amnesia or whatever 48 year old men do over there.

Anyway- a top 20 inspired by Ibiza it is, complete with raffia, colour pops, earthy neutrals and quirky detailing. As always this doesnt need to act as a shopping list, it works just as well for considering colour combinations and and applying ideas to our existing wardrobes. But if anyone wanted to treat me to THE bag of the season, the indecently expensive Prada raffia coloured tote? Well I wouldn't say no.

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