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The Investment* Wish List (*By which I mean pieces we'll love forever rather than POA)

I ignored Black Friday. It isn't that i'm against a bargain per se (understatement- I LOVE a bargain) and yes there is some regret about mega reductions I most likely missed. But somehow that frenzy of consumerism has the reverse effect on me, and even if actually need sensible things (new bathroom anyone?) I find myself specifically avoiding the BBB ( Black Friday Browse).

But Christmas is still coming and ideas need to be conjured up. Last week I gave you pieces under the £30 family budget ceiling. Today i'm thinking wish list pieces: To forward on to partners (thoughtful!); to purchase on for others (helpful!); or simply to self gift (we deserve it!) Special pieces that have had thought put into them - whether a wardrobe classic or a longer term lust that feels like a treat. NOT a frenzied sweep where worth is directly dependent on discount. Here are twenty plus pieces that are the kind of thing I always return to when considering something special, from nightwear, to jewellery, to stationery, quality knits, art, and of course a forever bag. I have gone to favourite independents, extra special budget stretchers, and excellent designer pieces on platforms that are still offering discount. Plus remember there is no shame at all in the high street if it has longevity. I hope this give you some personal Christmas list inspiration. Happy shopping!

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