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The Mini Revisited

I have always loved a mini. When I was at art college during the 90’s, using Bjork as my style inspiration I used to sew myself aline babydoll style pinafores, which I wore with striped t-shirts, ten hole Doctor Marten boots and my hair in two buns. ( In hindsight I may have looked more Princess Leah than Bjork). I thought I was killing it. The mini was my uniform, and remained that way for the next three decades. However in recent times the blanket appeal ( pun unintended) of the oversized had most of us lowering our hemlines and covering up in dresses that left everything less than maxi feeling rather redundant.

But of course the mini never really went away, and now feels like an absolutely suitable time for its revival. The liberation and defiance that it has always symbolised, from its initial heyday in the 1960's with Mary Quant redefining youth culture feels in this post covid world the spirit we need to be grabbing hold of. Plus before anyone starts thinking the mini is too ‘young’ for them: fashions axis is shifting - whereas the sixties mini was aimed at the young- the mini of 2022 is part of the new narrative against ageism, and with it idea that women can dress how we like at any any age.

But it’s fair to say that after a long period of dedication to our midi's and maxi's we might need a little mini encouragement. So here’s some options, plus a a few ways to wear it this party season. I've stuck to the mini dress to dip a toe back in the water ( less tricky outfit combo decisions). It feels exciting. And yes, liberating. Watch out Henley, I’m feeling a homemade pinafore coming on.

1. GROWN UP GOTH Think Sybille Fawlty gone to the dark side, with pussy bow necklines, velvet, lace, and heeled ankle boots to rock it up.

Blouse Me&Em, Vintage Chanel Bag Asos Marketplace, Dress Boden, Brooch John Lewis Shoe Busby and Fox


Worn with a mini dress and a retro feeling fur, chunky biker boots will be uplevelled to party wear. ( excellent news for dancing)


Bold prints and structured silhouettes take the mini dress into avant garde territory. Mix and match colour and print for a modern party look.

Shoe Mango, Jacket Ganni, Dress, Stine Goya, bag Last Frame, Tights, Caldezonia


The iconic Chanel inspired take on the mini: layer roll necks under a dress, with flats and a beret for some speakeasy party vibes.

Dress Boden, Stripe top Cos, Hat Zara, Bag Shrimps Shoes Pretty Ballerinas


And finally if you're going for full on party mode, give your sequinned mini some edge with cowboy boots, a mans tuxedo and some attitude.

Bag Aspinal of London, Tuxedo Cos, Dress Oasis, Ring Solange Azagury, Boot Ganni

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Initial image: Guests at a Mary Quant catwalk show. Credit: Getty Images

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