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The New Trends Edit ( We can shop in our Wardrobes)

It's that time of year: While the catwalks have been looking ahead to Autumn, in the real world Spring is finally on its way. (OK, I am currently writing this shivering in three layers but Spring officially begins on 20th March so there is to be no arguing) And with Spring comes our collective compulsion to run out and start buying new season 'stuff' regardless of new years resolutions. So how to beat this urge for the new? Rather than use the ss24 catwalk trend reports as a shopping list, let's start treating them as creative inspiration (A bit like an interiors mag if you are revamping your living room: lovely to look at but sometimes moving the rugs around does just fine.) Plus let's not forget, trends are cyclical, and there's a good chance we might have invested in this season's 'new' pieces at some point already. So in the spirit of wearing and enjoying what we have, here are ten items we most likely already own in some capacity that we can shop in our wardrobes, and breathe new life into via catwalk inspo. PS I have written this blog for the last four seasons and it's always one of my most popular; I take this as concrete evidence of mass wardrobe-shopping desire.


A collective sigh of relief is surely in order that fashion is serving us such an easily achievable trend; I defy anyone not to own at least two denim pieces. This Spring? Wear them together for delightful and practical Canadian Tuxedo effect, and don't be afraid to mix your denim. PS If you've purchased a denim maxi in recent seasons you will be pleased to note it continues it's style reign.

Bag Layering

Another SS24 'trend' that requires little or no effort, plus makes use of the tendency to own both small and large handbags. The sustainable and wardrobe extending answer? Wear two at once. As someone who never leaves the house without a cross body and a tote (it's even been known on a walk in the woods) I fully support this motion.

A Sheer Top

Concerning for most, sheer is huge for SS24 and beyond. If this fills you with horror it's worth noting the sheer body con tops that were rife across the shows are basically our sensible winter base layers worn on their own. I have a ganni leopard mesh version i've only ever worn under a knit that I'm flagging as a Spring favourite. Yes I'll wear a vest underneath, are you mad?

High waisted trousers

Fashion has finally come to its senses, and the low rise jeans that only those under the age of 20 should be allowed to wear have slunk off to a 1990's rave in the sky. In their place are the loyal high waisted alternatives that most of us never gave up on anyway , that avoid any tricky muffin top scenario. Personally? if my trousers aren't several inches above my belly button i'm out.


On first glance micro shorts of the type only a small proportion of us sport for two weeks of the year is hardly a wearable trend. However the point is the consideration of any length of short as a non holiday option, and the catwalks also favoured a long culotte. Whatever shorts you own try uplevelling and wearing with intent rather than just for Sunday gardening.

Colour (Drench)

If you have the wardrobe for it head to toe colour drenching is still fashion's favourite thing. A bonus: it's surprisingly simple to do and makes the wearer look like they've excelled at sartorial jenga. This season lose the beige and go bauhaus in hue, or stick with white, (which is huge this season) and potentially easier for our existing wardrobes to cope with.

Socks A trend that refuses to be quashed. Most of us now have a more colourful collection of socks, and the SS24 catwalks have spoken that we're officially allowed to wear them post winter with summer sandals. Yes the haters are always going to hate but I say they clearly haven't discovered the joy of a birkenstock and chunky sock. A most sensible trend.

Boho Anything

A surprise re-entry, boho is back in fashion vocabulary for the first time in decades. A perfect opportunity to dig out those pieces we generally keep for Ibiza holidays and give them some year round wear. Sparkly kaftan? Yes Please. 'Fun' trousers and layered up necklaces? If Chanel says its ok who are we to argue. The key: Keep an element of the look more streamlined.

A Polo shirt

The 'preppy' trend has hit the catwalks hard this season, making it absolutely ok to wear items that might have been saved for sporting activities as part of fashion endorsed ensemble: Read polo shirt with maxi skirt or rugby top with sequins. Don't have either item? Test out the trend by stealing off a proximate male.

A pop of red

Most of us have something red in our wardrobes: The good news is wear it this season and you can congratulate yourself on being entirely on trend. Yes a red outfit scores max points, but a shoe, a belt or a bag or even a lip will happily tick the box. Plus if you're the neutral type it's a toe dip into colour that won't pose too much of a stylistic challenge.

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