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The Nostalgic Jewellery Edit

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

You may or may not have perused the catwalk jewellery trends this spring. If you haven't- they are extra. I’m talking a nostalgic mash up of your grandma’s jewellery box, your preteen bangle collection from 1990 and the Star Wars costume department circa 1980. A ‘we haven’t been out for two years and we're making the most of it’ kind of extra. Probably not how most of us have been taught to consider jewellery. Isn’t the idea to invest in classic pieces that won’t go out of style? Well yes and no. Most of us won’t want to wear jewels in OTT catwalk style- but there is still a growing trend for wearable jewellery that taps into nostalgia, whether that's for 90’s rave, or a favourite beach holiday. In a nutshell jewellery that reminds us of the good times.

'Researching' this post I unearthed my old jewellery box and rediscovered: a bracelet full of Americana charms my husband used to buy me every birthday; a necklace picked up at a trinket store on a Las Vegas road trip; a Carrie-esque name necklace I wore while working at the Sunday Mirror fifteen years ago; a shell on a chain from a beach in Thailand. These are the sorts of jewels that make the memories, rather than wedding bands or family heirlooms. Feel-good and not necessarily budget breaking. This season it feels that the catwalk is reminding us of this- albeit on a supersized scale.

So go through those jewellery boxes- find pieces that have meant something to you and remember why. And if you don’t have those pieces? Here are some designers ( some established some independent) producing nostalgia giving and mood boosting jewellery that might just create those memories. ( PS. In no way were any mothers day hints dropped in the making of this blog)

1. SMILLA BRAV ( AT WOLF AND BADGER) Handmade in Germany, Smilla Brav pieces have a quirky nostalgia with semi precious stones and pearls, shells and retro beads.

2. POPPY NORTON British Interior stylist turned jewellery designer makes architectural pieces, including statement rings in crayola colours.

3. ROXANNE ASSOULIN ( AT NET A PORTER) The New York jewellery designer started her career in the 1970's but has become insta worthy since launching her elasticated 'sweetie' enamel bracelets in 2016.

4. MEJURI The brand promote the idea of buying fine jewellery for ourselves rather than waiting to be gifted. They have teamed up with Jenna Lyons to create two retro college style signet pinky rings, sales of which contribute to the Mejuri Empowerment Fund.

5. SCREAM PRETTY ( AT WOLF AND BADGER) An award winning British family brand creating ethical jewellery 'to shout about' The Love is all Around bracelet is an alternative to the traditional love spinner.

6. SANDRA ALEXANDRA ( AT LIBERTY) Spanish born Sandra creates humorous jewellery based on real life, handcrafted by local artisans. This lemon earring is part of her 'groceries' collection

7. ANISSA KERMICHE ( AT MATCHES FASHION) The French engineer turned jewellery designer bases her jewellery primarily around the female form. This 'French for goodnight' necklace plays on the theme of language barriers.

7. HOTLIPS BY SOLANGE AZAGURY These retro glam 'hotlips' have been a design classic since 1995 and are on show at the V&A. Available in every colour the brand is currently donating all profits from it's blue and yellow hotlips to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal.

8. 6. WALD BERLIN ( AT STUDIO B) Founded by a stylist and model duo, and inspired by their travels, the brand is produced in Germany by a fair trade collective set up to empower women. Smiley faces and seashells are their trademark motifs

10. MONICA VINADER The ethical 'demi fine' jewellery brand has diverged from its classic simplicity into 90's friendship bead pieces, like this 'freedom' necklace made of upcycled gemstones

11. LOEL AND CO The Margate based ethical family jewellery brand source their pieces from artisans across Italy. Pieces with a chunky 90's feel with thoughtful nostalgia pieces like this rosary inspired bracelet.

12. ISABEL MARANT The French designer covers everything from romantic shell pieces to ibiza vibes perspex- all with a holiday memory appeal.

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