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Updated: May 29, 2022

My fourteen year old son told me I looked like the Queen this week. He might have meant I looked authoritative enough to run the country; It might have been my headscarf; but I suspect it was really a teenage dig that I looked about 90 years old. Anyway, I decided to take it as a compliment. Because surely even for those of us whose interest in Queen Elizabeth begins and ends with The Crown, there's no denying she's the ultimate style icon: She’s navigated a lifetime of dressing in the public eye, has finely honed an unmistakable personal style code, and has carefully avoided sartorial mishaps for the past seven decades.

Not only that but when it comes to predicting trends she's more than ahead of the game: Dopamine dressing? HRH has been nailing that one for well over 50 years. Frankie Shop insta-fabulous trenches? Elizabeth was all over the look before the internet was even invented. Plus, sustainability? The Queen is the ultimate poster girl for the idea of nailing a core style, wearing and re-wearing your wardrobe, and investing wisely in key pieces with longevity. (OK there are some heirlooms going on there but you get the picture).

So let’s all indulge ourselves with some HRH must haves that she's been working for longer than we've all been alive, and yet we still need in our wardrobes RIGHT NOW. We'll call it Queen- Core.


One of the Queen's favourite style staples. Plus there's no half hearted scarf wearing going on here, she ties them under the chin, babushka style, as beloved by the catwalk. Go your Majesty!


I’m pretty sure there’s not a single picture of the Queen without her pearls over the last 70 years. Impressive creds, and proof that investment jewellery is always worth it. (If crown jewels aren't readily to hand).


Always sticking to the ethos of have-a-good-idea-and-run-with-it, the Queen’s commitment to florals is impressive, down to her penchant for floral caps that wouldn’t look out of place at Glastonbury.


Keep it simple with black, cream and metallic handbags that go with literally everything. British heritage brand Launer have been supplying the Queen with hers since 1968.


When dopamine dressing was just a gleam in the fashion industry's grandparents eye, the Queen was already killing it. And those coordinating headpieces get a special mention.


Here we are thinking that Gucci's Alessandro Michele can take the credit for the horse bit loafer revival, while the Queen has been quietly rocking the look since the 1950's. High fives all round.


Move over influencers. The oversized trench, the quilted coat and the gilet are all staples in her majesty's wardrobe that we are still lusting after today.


The pleated midi seemingly never goes out of style. Go for block colour, or for extra points in timeless royal favourite tweed.

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