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The Spring Shoe

Spring is finally in the air. And if the chunky ankle boot has been your staple for the past six months, the arrival of 'balmy' mid teens temperatures brings the tricky conundrum of what footwear choice to ease into the warmer weather. The transition is a delicate one : Straight to a summer sandal feels almost indecent, leaving our pale winter feet distressingly exposed. (And also freezing, obviously. Am I the only one who sleeps in socks in March?) Sticking with the trusty ankle boot however feels a bit killjoy. No- What we need is a transitional shoe- one that releases our feet from their winter hibernation gently, in preparation for sunnier days ahead.

Enter the Spring Shoe. Be clear, this is not a high summer shoe. It doesn’t generally show too much foot, or if it does it comes with the option of sock wearing. (Yes socks are officially a thing) But it brings the novelty of a visible ankle, which after a seemingly endless winter feels like liberation. So here are five types of spring shoe suggestion, all of which will help you shift into summertime gently. As usual these can act as a reminder for what you might already have tucked at the back of your wardrobe, or can fill a spring shoe shaped gap. Aurevoir black ankle boot...


Both timeless and a new kid on the block, the clog's revived popularity has been on the up and up for the past few seasons. Try flat or with a low heel for a bit of low key French chic.


The ballet pump has been pimped up for 2022- think high on the foot, pointy, buckled, mary jane strapped and any other permutation you fancy. Way more edgy than its rather twee predecessor.


The classic horse bit loafer will never go out of style but this season chunky and platform loafers are leading the way, along with more flamboyant colours and prints than loafers of old.


The colourful retro feeling trainer is surely the most fun ( and sensible) way to replace those comfy winter boots. The key is NOT to pair them with a sporty outfit.


A different beast to the summer sandal, these either have a touch of the house shoe about them, or a dad sandal vibe. For both options an ironic sock is actively encouraged.

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