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Winter is officially here. And while chunky knitwear is ever fabulous, it has to be said that it requires careful styling to avoid channelling Mrs Bird from Paddington, as my 11 year old daughter pointed out to me this week. The sweatshirt, on the other hand, seems to work in the opposite way, instantly adding a dash of street style to anything it's paired with. Think Kiss FM rather than Radio 2. (We don't actually have to listen to Kiss, obvs)

Yes there are potential pitfalls to statement sweatshirt wearing: the penchant for the 'slogan' several years ago led to an over saturation of dubious motifs that should always be approached with caution. But this season the sweatshirt is back on top, with logos, abstract print, retro imagery, avant garde shapes and everything in between. These are currently on my wish list.

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