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The Summer Supermarket Sweep

It’s Summer: whether or not we’ve just slogged through end of term school gifting outlay, holidays are looming, and socialising, bbq-ing and rose wine drinking are at their peak. Add that to ever rising food and petrol prices and most of us will understandably be feeling the belt needs to be tightened a buckle or two.

Enter the summer supermarket sweep. The I-can’t-justify-that-designer-dress-but- I’ve-just-spotted-a-seriously-good-lookie-likey-in-the-clothing aisle-at-Sainsburies. Because if you haven’t already noticed, supermarkets have been seriously upping their fashion game of late, with high level cuts, fabrics and celebrity designed collabs that easily rival their expensive counterparts. And with supermarket price points often coming in under £20 it makes simple economic sense not to blow the savings on a £300 sundress, when we all know that the recent heatwave could realistically turn into hailstorms by August.

I bought a gingham puff sleeve dress in Tesco a few weeks ago , thrown in the basket on a whim as it had a hint of the Daily Sleeper dress of dreams about it. I have never had so many spontaneous passer buy compliments about an item of clothing. Yes I’m positively giddy about the attention. So not only good for our pockets but excellent for our egos too. There seems no reason to resist. Here’s my mega top 30 , after trawling the four main supermarket fashion lines so you don’t need to. Thank me once the compliments start coming.

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