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The Under £30 'Budget Luxe' Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is here again, and with it my need to prove that in that well known venn diagram of gifting there is absolutely a sweet spot to shop thoughtfully and cleverly under £30. Because while I appreciate gifting that favours only investment items, its not always possible to raise the spending bar that high. (Although it goes without saying we don't want our nearest and dearest to know that.) Enter -drumroll please- THE EVERYTHING UNDER £30 BUDGET LUXE GIFT GUIDE. I have trawled far and wide to find excellent pieces with added meatiness, lots well below the £30 ceiling ( many allowing the option to doubling up gifts and still keep within budget) from a mix of independents, high street and designer sites. I was amazed at what I could squeeze under £30 ( Isabel Marant and Jonathan Adler anyone?), although with this being 'black' weekend' please no blame if prices don't stay the same until Christmas eve. There are sections for her, him, kids and teens- but it's worth looking in every section (Who doesn't love a smiley face lamp, vans trainers and thunderbolt earrings?) I'm off to buy most of this and add the rest to my family whatsapp . Happy shopping!


AKA the top twenty of everything gorgeous. (*personal opinion) If I had to choose some standouts the Joanna Laura Constantine earrings are beyond gorgeous - and a steal, the borg mittens and striped fleecy robe are calling my name, and the H&M ice bucket is giving me all the Soho Home vibes..


As ever I say ignore extravagant tech/sport requests and go thoughtful and bitesize. He WILL love the Rocket St George checkerboard bedside tidy, which will match beautifully with those M&S pyjamas, that he will wear while browsing Rick Stein for the next days dinner. (Wishful thinking in my case) If not the Caitlin Moran is a male must read.


I'm aiming around the age 10 and under spectrum here- I find kids this age can still be persuaded into some clothes we like, and some irl games (I find mini games that can travel are always for the win) as long as there's a little tech mixed in. (OBVS)


The 'teen' spectrum is broad- I'm going somewhere in the middle and gender neutral-ish. The gist? Tech, sports, jewellery, and some luxe bathroom and beauty items, with a bit of mindfullness thrown in. Oh plus the obligatory book they'll possibly never read ( but it's a VERY good one). I've got my eye on stealing the Laura Gravestock peace ring and those furry boots for myself.

Thank you for reading! Subscribe for an investment* gift guide in the coming weeks.

*By which i mean over £30 but well under POA There may be some affiliate links associated with this page.


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