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Twenty Transitional Jackets (To Generate Autumn Excitement)

Suddenly it's October. How has this happened? Two instagram posts ago I was wearing a sundress. (Admittedly my instagram game is not the strongest but you get my point). With October comes the sudden pressing need to wear more than one layer when leaving the house; But while grey and black forever coats were all over the catwalks for A/W, the idea of graduating to a coat, and such a sensible one at that, is frankly distressing when we are still mourning Summer and trying to wear sandals on the school run. No, what we need is something far jollier to ease us across the seasonal line: A-Stepping-Stone-To-Coat-Dom. In other words a transitional jacket. And WHAT jacket options there are this season: We all accept quilting is now basically a seasonal staple, but now we can experiment with print, colour and embroidery, plus there's a plethora of adventurous takes on denim. And ps, sherpa and borg need to be part of your A/W vocab if they aren't already. While for shapes? The retro feeling bomber is officially a big deal, as is the Chanel inspired boxy jacket, and anything with statement and/or oversized detailing. The idea is to be warm enough to ward off an Autumn chill but too frivolous to see us sensibly through the (long) British Winter.

The following is aimed to get us excited for the change in the weather, whether we are in the market for new, or want direction for a second hand trawl. I picked up a Stella Nova quilted jacket from a preloved fair last week and am now 'almost' wishing away this weekend's balmy weather. See- it's all about altering perspectives people. Here are twenty inspirational starting points.

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