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Twenty True Romance Worthy Resort Shirts

I have a husband whose longest relationship (exceeding even our 17 year marriage that we celebrated this week) has been with 'the resort shirt* *Insert also bowling shirt, hawaiian shirt, and good old printed shirt. It's a simple but effective partnership: It mixes with anything, he can rely on it to start conversation, and it imbues him with the effortless cool of a Quentin Tarantino character (Or so he likes to think). There are no downsides. And yet despite all these exceptional qualities, the resort shirt has always previously felt like a male preserve. Until now. What with clothing choices becoming increasingly and pleasingly gender neutral, the resort shirt has suddenly become a 'girl thing' too, with allowing all that Tarantino insoucience that men have previously claimed as their own. Not to mention the boost of instant summer that a perky shirt brings: vitamin d in clothing form.

So how to wear the resort shirt? It's beauty lies in it's simplicity. Many come with short coords ( literally no work needed) but if that feels a step too far then loose and open over boyfriend jeans and a vest is an easy tick, or with denim shorts and sandals, or over swimwear on holiday. I have a lemon printed pocketed shirt that comes out every summer as my beach cover up, that gives me much joy. Yes, of course some will never understand the pleasure of the resort shirt. My children ask EVERY single time why I am still wearing my pyjamas outside the house, but this actually adds to my enjoyment. Who needs every relationship to be child endorsed?

And where to find? Brands have gone wild for the resort shirt this season ( see my favourite twenty below if you need inspiration. I am in love with new brand discovery Alemais, and the Damson Madder is calling me ) but don't forget to look to vintage: the charity shop may turn up an authentic Hawaiian shirt that can stay in your wardrobe forever. Which is another plus. You may choose to pack it away when autumn comes but a good resort shirt will wait for you: the fair weather relationship we all need.

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