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Wardrobe Icons: The Cable Knit

Recently i've developed an unhealthy obsession with the cable knit jumper: I have at least five i'm stalking on Vinted, and I 'rabbit hole' search any that pop up on screen ( Thank you Claudia Winkleman/Sinead McKeefry for the delights of the smiley face Kapital number on The Traitors). My phone has clearly been observing this weakness with evil pleasure: I nearly fell for a 'handmade' cable knit insta scam this week ( I spend my life shouting IT'S A SCAM to my husband/mother/mother in law so this was disappointing behaviour.)

Image Evis Presley Alamy Photo/ Image Marilyn Monroe Getty Anyway- I thought it might be a good idea to run a regular 'icons' piece looking at wardrobe staples that have stood the test of time and for which we have generations of evidence that they will NEVER be bad investments. So: The cable knit sweater is my choice this month: Originally the preserve of fisherman of the Irish Aran Isles, and raised to 'iconic' status by Hollywood in the fifties. While the truth may be that we are closer to looking like a real fisherman than Marilyn Monroe in one it matters not. We are imbued with the warm glow of a celebrity/time endorsed forever piece. Plus on the practical side it up levels pretty much everything with very little effort and as its beyond cold at the moment has the bonus of being exceptionally cosy.

There are some excellent sustainable knit brands around that are worth taking note of (They will be a little pricier but they are basically heirlooms so it's worth buying as well as we can). Also designer end of sale options to be snapped up if the size suits, and high street goodies with longevity. Plus the bonus of buying classics is that there are always brilliant authentic vintage Aran pieces to be unearthed on your preloved site of choice. My criteria: Chunky and oversized, possibly with a little 'extra' detail. Oh and don't rule out menswear. ( I'm finding the best pieces these days are unisex) Heres my edit.

L- R : Gant was £230 now £115, BA&SH was £310 now £217, Scamp and Dude £89

L-R: H&M £44.99, Sheep Inc was £290 now £200 Cos was £135 now £65

L-R: Etsy £164.20, Madeleine Thomson was £405 now £202.50, Next £40

L-R: Sea was £455 now £137, Skellig Gift Store was £79.95 now £59.95, Yan Tan £160

L-R Mint Velvet was £99 now £59, Free People £158 Lacoste was £200 now £100

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14 gen

I’m searching for sale cables too for an upcoming winter holiday in the Alps. I want to feel cosy! But I have needs…no scratchiness around my neck, no squared shoulders and not ones that make me look like Ernest Hemingway. Looking for something turmeric / saffron in case you stumble across one x

Mi piace

14 gen

Fisherman jumpers for the win🙌

Mi piace
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