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Wardrobe reviving Spring Accessories

The new season may be here, but OF COURSE it doesn't mean we need to rush out and frantically purchase a whole new wardrobe of clothes. Last Sunday I looked at how we can tick many of the new season's trends by simply shopping our wardrobes. However, there is no denying the life affirming frisson we can achieve from the 'new' (to us). Also there is no denying that February (surely a more gruelling month than January- just when we've decided spring is on its way the temperature drops to arctic) is the perfect time for an injection of SOMETHING into our wardrobes/lives to give pieces we already own (and our mental state) a little lift . Enter the wardrobe reviving spring accessory. An unassuming creature, the WRSA isnt big and room hogging, but its very being can often perk us up more than the flashiest of flashy buys. My mother in law made me a padded pouch in grass green for Christmas, and it has given me A LOT of pleasure-both as an evening clutch, a makeup bag and a general life organiser. Unidentifiable good vibes is what the WRSA is all about.

The Wardrobe Reviving Spring Accessory. Not as big or room hogging as this.

Here are 20 excellent options i've spotted: preloved, independent, and beyond. Some are serious investments, some are more frivolous and some are sensible basics. Some will move and out of your wardrobe over the seasons, but all will extend your wardrobe and add a little pizzazz. And really, what's life without a little wardrobe extending pizzazz...

  1. STATEMENT EARRINGS. The easiest update to bring some spring Joy. Shell motifs are popular for this season but anything goes.

  2. CLAW CLIP A surprise microtrend, go big and go colourful and watch instagram for how to use the claw clip GenZ style. Surely the best excuse not to wash our hair.

3. A HUGE BAG. My Love for the Alphabet Everything bag hasn't waned- Now in all colours to match your outfit (Tip: SS23 is all about large bags that match your outfit)

4. A FOREVER BELT. An extra special belt will stay in your wardrobe FOR ALL TIME, make everything feel amazing, and now comes with added quirky. What's not to love.

3. COAT COLLAR It's not summer just yet. Give your trusty khaki quilted coat a seasonal update with a (bargain!) statement frilled collar

4. FINE KNIT MITTS The best time to buy quality gloves and mittens is towards the end of the season, perfect for those chilly train station mornings with wardrobe longevity. (just don't lose one)

5. A BIG BOW Peps up the simplest of outfits. Particularly good with an androgynous suit.

6. COLOURED SOCKS Wardrobe essential, Full stop. A colour pop ankle will up-level a whole outfit for a few pounds. ( PS these come as a two set along with a nice breton stripe)

7. A COLOURFUL RING A bold talking point ring will pull an outfit together. Make it independant and artisan for an added sustainable tick.

8. VINTAGE PEARL BAG Unique pieces are what it's all about. Keep your eye out for quirky detailing and whimsy ( so this season) on your preloved trawls.

9. STATEMENT TIGHTS Either in a colour, or low denier with polka dot. Because we're not quite ready for bare legs yet are we.

10. BERET A timeless wardrobe staple that will give any outfit some gallic oomph.

11. NEW FRAMES. Nothing can induce new season happiness like a fresh pair of glasses frames, and Alexis Amor has amazing look at me archive pieces.

12. CORSAGE Move over Carrie Bradshaw. The corsage has appeared on and off in fashion since the beginning of time (approx). As always wear with everything from a party dress to a sweatshirt.

13. BALLET FLAT I have had a pair of ethical brand Essen lilac ballet flats for years and am forever obsessed. Hooray they are now back 'in'. Add an anklet and jeans for effortless chic

14. NECK SCARF A way to create a new spring look in seconds- tie around your neck or in your hair. Clash with other prints, or team with a Breton for classic Hollywood.

15. HANDWARMERS The perfect it-should-be-warm-but-it's-freezing compromise. fingers free for texting; colour pop fabulousness; the bonus of Jakke's Vegan fur. Many ticks.

16. A SPRING CROSS BODY Raffia and colour rule for spring bags and H&M has a killer new designer-esque selection. PS. Oversized rules for spring but surely that doesn't stop some double bagging.

17. A JUMPER UPDATING COLLAR Refresh every sweatshirt or knit you own. PS. 46 stitch also does cute wrist cuffs

18. AN UNNECESSARY ACCESSORY will not only make your heart sing, but any outfit you're a little bored of too. Go vintage to find designer pieces you might not want to pay full whack for.

17. BIG STRAW BAG. Not just for holidays anymore, a straw bag is for life, giving a nice little rustic juxtaposition to the slickest outfit.

18. HEADBAND. The Alice Band is back in town, with all sorts of embellishments and loveliness this time round.

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