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Weekend Worthy Holdalls

It's that time of year when thoughts turn to holidays, or at the very least a mini break here or there. But if you are only away for a few nights the trusty wheelie holiday suitcase can sometimes feel like it's serving slight over packing/lack of spontaneity vibes. Likewise the open topped tote can also miss the mark: I have a number of oversized totes that I love, and have used for everything from my food shop to an overnighter. However arriving at a hotel recently with five family member's bursting totes spilling teddies and half eaten easter egg over the check in desk was not our greatest look. Chic overnight family travellers we were not.

Ryan Gosling for Gucci. The ultimate spontaneous but chic traveller

The weekend holdall however, is pitched perfectly in the middle. Large enough to carry a couple of nights essentials, small enough to still feel like you've just 'thrown a few things in a bag' and with the all important zip/buckle so you aren't at risk of tomorrow's knickers falling out en route. The big BUT is that a sensibly sized holdall can sometimes also ring in a little sensibly aesthetically. So I thought this week I'd provide plethora of (twenty five) weekend worthy holdall that have a little pizazz too. Not to mention longterm investment potential: a good weekender should last a lifetime. My go to for the past decade has been the Forestbound 'Escape' bag, bought in Singapore, and whether as hand luggage or overnighter has been on EVERY trip since I've owned it. So with this in mind I've included a mix of prices, from affordable to investment . And none of them a one hit wonder.

MONOCHROME. You cant go wrong with a monochrome travel bag but it doesn't need to mean boring. Look at repeat prints, and buckles and straps like the divine Paravel weekender.

BRIGHT. There are plenty of colour pop holdalls to choose from if you search a little harder, giving your travels some instant perk. I'm tempted by By Elleven's sporty green number and the neon Floyd.

NEUTRAL. Sometimes its nice to feel a little intrepid on a trip, and canvas, technical fabrics khakis will tick the box. Consider an Etsy monogram holdall for added 'explorer chic'. PS the Hershell has a hidden compartment for shoes.

FLORAL And if you're way too romantic for something as practical as a travel bag? Go floral, from the gorgeous quilted bag from Dilli Grey, to an extra special forever piece like this floral preloved Gucci.

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