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How I shop the Sales

I don't enter a new year desperate to shop. In fact all that Christmas excess generally leaves me wanting to either a. go on an extended holiday where other people are not (unlikely), or b. sit on the sofa, consuming all that is left of Christmas (very likely). Last night I indulged in a pack of Aldi frozen canapé prawn dippers followed by Daniel Craig in Knives Out (Side note: very happy to have found entire family pleasing viewing.)

However there is no escaping the fact that approached sensibly the January sales can be of use. And if you want to invest in good quality, but can't always justify the cost, the sales can absolutely be worked to your advantage. The ONLINE sales I hasten to add. Surely no-one willingly throws themselves into the jumble sale of IRL sales shopping these days?

But how to shop the sales? For a start generic browsing is never a good thing (also rather time consuming online) and only leads to purchases we really don't need (Or sometimes even want). We are always told the same during sales time: Buy investment pieces that you would buy anyway, and while I agree with this, I would add some sales shopping small print:

  1. Prioritise things that you feel can make your existing wardrobe work harder, or have coveted for a long time.

  2. Plan ahead to Summer- there is always excellent quality swimwear and sunglasses in the sales plus frivolities like extortionately priced beach baskets, that will have you feeling like some sort of forward planning ninja when the holidays come around.

  3. Think about upcoming birthdays and events- there are always lovely smaller treat items in the sales that might not otherwise fall into gifting budgets. Yes even (gasp) consider next Christmas. Ps I am not to be held responsible if you then decide to keep them for yourself.

  4. Be sensible with practical purchases like gym wear and dungarees. Life's not a party every day right?

  5. Allow yourself a post Christmas treat for all that hard work if you see something that you adore. It doesn't get much better than the euphoria of finding something amazing you really love at a fraction of the price . (For me the unparalleled enjoyment of a real bargain extends to all areas of life.)

Surely the point of the sales is buying something that you might not otherwise be able to afford or feel justified buying full price- whatever that is. So look for things that are a level up or a little different from what you generally buy. I look to designer multibrand for treats, luxury niche brands for leather goods and nightwear, and independents for quality ethical pieces. When I do filter pieces out from my wardrobe it's the fast fashion that is always first to go, so go figure. Here's my pick of what i consider 'future filter resistant' wardrobe additions with both longevity and a touch of frivolity- and pretty much all under £100.

Ps the Missoma glasses chain is already in my basket, I've lost my new glasses three times in the last week so I justify this as #4 SENSIBLE.)

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