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Nine Fashion (ish) Fixes for April

Updated: Apr 14

I've been writing my blog for a while now and i've gradually realised that there is something about summarising the good in the month gone by that is entirely uplifting . Romanticising life may have gained some negative connotations, but honestly I can't see a single thing wrong with turning a rather dull/edge of hell-ish month (delete as appropriate) into something to be celebrated. So these fashion fixes act as more than just 'stuff' - When nothing else is that great then yes I WILL celebrate that move to short pyjamas and a spring coat transition. So- here are nine aesthetically enjoyable and or practical things that I have discovered or appreciated in the last month, and will do very well for April and beyond.

Hot Lips By Solange: My mood boosting wedding ring replacement.

1.Palazzo Jeans The wide jean is a tricky beast- too long and you look like you've spent a weekend traipsing through a festival, too short and they loose their louche coolness. So the new high waist Palazzo Jean with a choice of three lengths from M&S has made me very happy indeed- that I can wear even with ballet flats and they just skim the floor. Mine are currently out of stock (BUT you can register for an alert) Otherwise here are excellent alternatives.

2. Vitamins It's taken me a while to realise that I might be in need of some pep up but this month I've finally got on board. I've gone in hard with collagen and peri menopausal supplements (I went for what was on offer after mass confusion over online comparisons) and surprise- I'm feeling perkier. The collagen I drink in a wine glass with ice cubes as recommended by a friend. (See romanticising life as per above). Next on my list is Dragons Den endorsed 'Rheal' superfood powders, that instagram has been stalking me with and look right up my new healthy avenue.

3. Short Pyjamas Yes I may be easily pleased, but the realisation that the time has come to swap my long pyjamas and socks for a short set that could easily pass off as a holiday co-ord has made me very happy indeed. Even if I have been nowhere near a holiday this Easter, in favour of watching many people's gallivantings online instead. If you haven't made this jump yet I thoroughly recommend its mood boosting properties. Ps the fluffy dressing gown and uggs have yet to be relegated.

4. The Albaray Discovery I had a peek at the new collection from Albaray a few weeks ago- a brand I have known about for a while but not seen up close and discovered it is everything I love: leopard print, blue stripes, denim and a touch of Scandi minimalism. In short it has me very excited. Also the fabrics are gorgeous and ethically sourced, and it's founders are three brilliant women. If it isn't already, put it on your radar.

5. Art Exhibitions I have been to an excellent exhibition this week at the newly reopened National Portrait Gallery: The Time Is Always Now, amidst the newly revamped permanent galleries (hello huge projection of David Bowie in the entrance hall) It reminded me that a day of art appreciation is never not a good idea. (Not to mention it feeding my exhibition poster fixation) Next up the Accidentally Wes Anderson exhibition I've been trying to see for months that has just been extended for the second time- hooray.

6. The Statement Ring

These days my actual wedding and engagement ring are seeing little action (sorry husband) . Instead I have fallen into layering up statement rings - from the Hotlips by Solange Lips Ring bought for me by an ex editor, to the Chloe Initial chain link ring I self gifted for my anniversary from the Net a Porter sale. The latest addition is a heart signet ring I bought my sister for her birthday and due to a convoluted story I ended up with one to match.

7. The return to the padded jacket

It’s felt like a long time since we’ve felt the sun on our faces, let alone had the inclination to leave the house without a full length coat. So it was almost a surprise that the arrival of some official spring sunshine brought with it the urge to ditch the trench in favour of something more perky: the padded jacket -yes it’s still going strong for this season. I have a huge collared Stella Nova preloved version that I adore (even though my children are very rude about it) but the choice out there is wide.

8. Lux Skin led face tools

Anyone who hasn’t hesitated over Victoria Beckham lounging in her LED face mask is surely made of stone. The supposedly miracle anti ageing properties of red light therapy masks are wrinkle nirvana, but the price is prohibitively pricey. Enter LUX skincare: discovered on a Beckham inspired insta browse, and selling for under the £40 mark. Even better I got an led face roller thrown in at the same time. The results? So far so good- although as a friend said my frown lines may have simply reduced due to the ten minute enforced relaxation process. Win win I say.

9. IRL Browsing

Finallly for a committed online shopper I have been swayed this month by a couple of very lovely IRL stores that have reminded me how nice ( and also dangerous) it can be to browse a beautiful boutique. First up Wild Swans: the holy grail for Ganni lovers and with lots of extra curated Scandi lifestyle loveliness. Next Percy Langley, that brings together ethical independents from Aligne to Justine Tabak under one roof. Handily these are both next door to each other in the very cool Islington Square warehouse style development (but both are available online if you are out of London)

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