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How I shop the Sales: 20 Summer buys (under £50)

I've said it several times before, me and the sales are not great friends. The IRL 'last chance' racks? Not for me. But that's not to say I don't like a bargain. I LOVE a bargain- particularly when I feel like I'm getting something high quality that I can't usually afford. Last week's edit looked at staying sustainable but affordable when we shop, and one of the ways to do this is by shopping clever at the sales: Buying up, shopping for items that will have longevity in our wardrobe, pieces that fit the jigsaw of what we already have and we know will help what we already own work better. (And don't forget that the independents that sometimes ring in a little pricey will have sales too) Plus there's no disputing that having to delay gratification until sale time for something we love will only help beat that inclination towards the 'impulse purchase'. Here's my current edit of pieces in the Summer Sales. Oh and did I mention, they are all under £50. Win Win.

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