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If You Buy One Thing This Month...The Ballet Flat

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

For many of us the ballet flat was our most committed relationship of the noughties. Because what wasn’t to love? Originating as far back as the 1600's, the ballet flat gained iconic status in the 1950's through Coco and Audrey, then was reinvented as rock and roll by Kate, Sienna and Amy. Its relationship history was watertight, not to mention it got on well with everything in our wardrobes. Until it all went wrong of course: until our trusty partner somehow became the very antithesis of chic, hanging from every sale rail; reduced to a school run essential. The ultimate crime of oversaturation.

But, fashion is nothing if not fickle , and one thing we can guarantee is that any discarded trend will be ripe for a comeback at some point. The ballet flat's time is now people. And guess what? Now we’ve had a little time apart we realise what a good catch it is. But, as with any relationship rewrite there are some changes: a slimmer toe; a higher cut; a strap; a little embellishment. Plus the big difference this time around is that we’re not looking for a one night stand. The £10 highstreet favourites that needed replacing every two months? No longer for us. These days we want longevity. So If you have a quality pair (Chanel anyone..?) lurking at the back of the wardrobe you can feel smug. For the rest of us whose previous pairs have gone to shoe heaven, aim as high as possible. Because the ballet flat may move in and out of ‘trends’ but it’s proved it’s a keeper. And how to wear for 2023? Experiment a little: think masculine suiting, or a wide leg crop trouser. Because it’s always worth keeping things interesting. Here are twenty pairs that might just be your perfect match.


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