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If you buy one thing this month...The 'Easter Inspired*' Candy Striped Shirt

Spring is finally in the air - and with it the collective need to embrace clothing that isn’t knitted or outerwear focused. Enter the ‘Easter Inspired Candy Striped Shirt’ (not my snappiest title) : A timeless staple, but one that’s been gathering momentum over the past few seasons. This time around banish any Wall Street city boy, or buttoned up prepster from your minds: the 2023 striped shirt combines a timeless whiff of the French riviera, Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday edition) and the thrown on cool of any 2023 insta it girl. Many will already own one- but if you are a newcomer to the striped shirt: It's a perfect wardrobe extending purchase; it offers excellent gender neutral wardrobe sharing potential; and it's easy to achieve at every budget. Yes buy as well as you can, but any nice quality cotton shirt will have wardrobe longevity. The one tip? Go oversized - slimline striped shirts are not where it's at in 2023.

Here’s a bumper twenty four candy coloured striped shirts that i'm loving and some suggestions of how to wear them, from this seasons catwalks and on the street. The Ganni and the Kin are already in my wardrobe, and the Next (bargain) and the And Nothing Underneath (less of a bargain) are calling me. Happy Easter!

*PS yes it pleases me that today's blog has a tenuous 'mini' egg colour theme

WAY TO WEAR #1: Slouchy Trousers

This season the loose silhouette is key. Keep a shirt untucked or loosely tuck a section, with undone cuffs, and flat shoes.

IMAGES Style du Monde / Dawei ss23 Gorunway

WAY TO WEAR #2: Denim. The classic striped shirt partner. Think looser jeans not just skinnies, and also try with the season's denim maxi skirt, or shorts.

IMAGES Filippo Fior ss23 Vogue / SAS Instagram

WAY TO WEAR #3: MORE STRIPES. A few seasons ago a pyjama style set felt a step too far. For 2023 embrace the coord, plus try mixing different stripes together.

IMAGES Etro SS23 Vogue /Melodie Jeng Getty

WAY TO WEAR #4 PRINT Don't be scared to mix stripes and print- as long as you pick out the same colour palette you'll keep the look cohesive.


WAY TO WEAR #5 A GLAM SKIRT. Team with a satin bias skirt for some interesting summer juxtaposition: It feels like it shouldn't work but does.

IMAGES Anne lauren /Victoria/Tomaz SS23 Vogue

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