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The Even Bigger Christmas Gift Edit (and yes- EVERYTHING is £30 or Under)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

It's the universal quandry of Christmas gifting: we need to stick to a budget due to extended family and friend purchasing, but we want our nearest and dearest to feel like we're spoiling them. We need budget but luxe inspiration. I sometimes find that gift guides are beautiful to look at, but when it comes to actually purchasing I can only afford a set of two napkins or one tapered candle. This is not one of those gift guides. I give you (drumroll) THE EVERYTHING UNDER £30 GIFT GUIDE, with added meatiness, lots well below the £30 ceiling, and many allowing the option to doubling up gifts and still keep within budget. I've edited a top twenty for her, him, teens and kids, from a mix of independents, high street and designer sites, that hopefully will make this year of tightening the purse strings a little easier, and at the very least give some inspiration. But lets be honest, the sections are really only there to make things pretty- i'm tempted by buys in every section, yes including kids. (who doesn't love smiley socks, vans trainers and chocolate?) I'm off to buy most of this and whatsapp the rest to my husband. Happy shopping!


This is really a top twenty of everything gorgeous. (*Personal opinion) If I had to choose some standouts the Jonathan Adler jewellery box is beautiful and ridiculously priced, as are the rockabilly Mabel Sheppard gloves; the checked slipper boots and robe are calling my name, and my husband has strict instruction to buy me the pocket money priced tattoo tarot deck ( no of course I can't read tarot but who cares- mini works of art right?)


Ignore extravagant tech requests and go thoughtful and bitesize. He WILL love the 30 minute sand timer to monitor his WFH meetings, ( If he doesnt it looks great on the desk) or some Cutter and Squidge 'biskies' (my sister recently sent my husband a pack of these and we can vouch for them being excellent) The Barbour gloves are a luxury steal, as is the Edinburgh Wool scarf, and the Newgate clock allows the iPhone to be left downstairs at night. Mindfulness and all.


The 'teen' spectrum is broad- i'm pitching somewhere in the middle, and under strict instruction from my daughter trying to aim for as gender neutral as possible. The gist? Tech, loungewear, sportswear, stranger things and some luxe bathroom and beauty items, with a bit of mindfullness thrown in. Oh plus the obligatory book they'll possibly never read ( but it's a VERY good one).


I'm aiming around the age 9 spectrum here (OK I'm working with what i know) I find kids this age can still be persuaded into a cute motif t-shirt, some quirky pj's and the footwear we like (rather than just sports brands) and yes might just be encouraged into a jigsaw we can put on their wall afterwards. In other areas, I find mini games that can travel are always for the win and a smart fitness watch is a good tech tick .

Thank you for reading! I hope this has given some inspiration! If you would like to receive my blog each Sunday subscribe here and see my edit on my Instagram stories each week here

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