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The 'If you're cold, put a Jumper on' Edit

The idea that we need to wrap up warm in our own houses? It's always seemed alien to me. Surely the whole point of being inside is to enjoy cranked up central heating, a tshirt in all weathers and bare feet? Not any more people. The energy crises has stolen from us all satisfaction of the thermostat set at 25. Let alone lighting, which previously (admittedly to the mass irritation of my husband) I have enjoyed in all the rooms i'm not actually in. To make it 'cosy'. Good times.

So what's the answer? The trusty jumper of course. But before we pop knitwear in the stay-at-home category, let's take a moment to consider that knits are having something of a fashion moment. Raised to catwalk commentary levels at the Autumn Winter shows, led by Molly Goddard, knitwear has evolved as not just practical but desirable. Along with socks; hooray! (I'll deal with those another week) So yes to the cosy, but also a big yes to the stylish. Imagine it as a sartorial venn diagram: whichever side you fall, investing in knitwear is never a bad idea. Here's my current choice of what's out there. As always a mix of investment pieces that offer you a lifetime of wear, and curated value for money pieces that you will still want to keep in your wardrobe for years not seasons. Plus for the more adventurous among us there's the option of making one yourself. (categorically beyond my knitting skills.) Take that energy providers.

(l-r Craftcore at Sacai, Minimal at Maxmara, Modern at Prada, Detailed at Dior, Traditional at Molly Goddard)

1. Craft-core

Big on the catwalks this season, the homespun knit is the latest in cool. Anything goes as long as it feels a bit like you ( or an elderly relative) could have made it. And bonus: home knitters can now buy into Tom Daly's style with his knitting kits at John Lewis.

2. Minimal

Feeling like a knit won't fit your aesthetic? Think again. Simple knits in block colour and stripes will slide effortlessly into a 'clean girl' wardrobe AND keep you warm. And no they don't have to be neutral or cashmere to tick the box.

3. Modern

These days jumpers and cardigans don't need to carry the whiff of mothballs and/or the library. Intarsia techniques (allowing a 'picture' in your knit) mean knitwear can eclectic as you like. Just leave knitting one to the professionals.

4. Detailed

For those who recoil at the rustic charm of a chunky jumper, feminine knits with fringes and detailing and embroidery could be your friends. Admittedly these might not all keep the winter chills at bay but will look a delight layered up with blouses.

5. Traditional

Authentic feeling aran, peruvian, fairisle and argyle knits are a safe bet for investment pieces: they have been in style since jumpers began* and will give any wardrobe a heritage outdoorsy nod.


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