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The 'New' Trends Edit ( That You Can Shop in your Wardrobe)

It feels a bit like in this post lockdown, environmentally aware world we live in, that the era of the 'trend' has had its day. The last few catwalk seasons have gone mostly ignored, and much current instagram inspo promotes luxury neutrals as the primary route to sustainability. Great if that's your bag, but for those who don't find sartorial utopia in luxury neutrals (and also can't wear without spilling dinner/red wine down them) there need to be other influences.

So it's excellent to see that the catwalk seems to be bringing back the concept of creative styling this season, featuring pieces that we will most likely have in our wardrobes already, but reconsidered for 2022. It's time to breathe a bit of life into what we already have- yes even those pieces way at the back that we haven't worn since 2003. Because sometimes this wide spectrum of new 'trends' can be just what we need for inspiration. Here is my edit of the pieces to shop our wardrobes for with ideas of how to wear them. And yes there are classic ideas, but also some more eclectic, colourful, and decidedly non minimal. In the words of Groove Armada - 'If everybody looked the same we'd get tired of looking at each other'. True dat.


This may just be a case of looking back to last Summer's warm weather (read more colourful) pieces. But for extra points try throwing a few unexpected combinations together. If you're a colour blocking novice try starting with a paler hue against a bolder. And no you don't need to pair with a neutral or black.


Most of us have one hanging in our wardrobe from the Kate Moss era, but these days you're more likely to wear it layered over a midi dress on the school run. For Spring it's time to consider taking the biker back to its natural habitat, teaming it with androgynous separates and an attitude.

THE STRIPE Summer's eternal favourite, it really doesn't matter whether you prefer your stripes of the breton, deckchair, or pyjama variety, but the motto is go large. Try layering different striped pieces you have within a single outfit for some extreme stripy maximalism.


For those willing the mini is big news- something to do with hemlines rising with the economy. Plus it feels fun to unearth our legs from our uniform midis once in a while, and who doesn't have one lurking at the back of the wardrobe. If you're taking the plunge try teaming with an oversized top half and flats, or a preppy neckline.


We most likely all have white separates in our wardrobes- But why not give them a try together. A white or cream coat or blazer layered over a white outfit will make maximum impact, whilst looking pleasingly luxe. Just don't eat a crunchie in it on the train home.


The easy to wear pleated skirt has seen us through every era from the prim 20's to the sexy 70's, and it seems unlikely to be going anywhere soon. If you don't have one already your local charity shop will always oblige. Styling wise try loose knitwear and shirts over the top for daywear.


Not so much a styling trick but a life hack. A bag that holds everything is always for the win, so maybe it's finally time to store the cross body away for a while and opt something more roomy. (See my oversized bags blog for current inspo) And when it comes to styling? Matching your bag to your outfit is now a thing.


Most of us have relegated the skinnies to the back of the wardrobe for a while, but for those who still have super baggy low slung jeans from the 2000's lurking there too, now is the time to give them an airing. If not then boyfriend jeans will do the trick, but the key for 2022 is a voluminous top half. Excellent news for breathing out.


I've been plugging for months the idea of wearing your christmas sparkles all year round and now the catwalks are officially endorsing it. Sequins and metallics with a breton top, a summer blouse or a hoodie, immediately lose their festive connotations, and save them from 11 months of wardrobe relegation.

So: inspiration from the catwalks that might give a new lease of life to what we might already have in our wardrobes. I'll be looking at exactly how to do this in more detail in future weeks. Please subscribe if you enjoyed this!

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