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The Secondhand September Edit

I can't profess to be a perfect shopper- I have a love for a bargain, and three children who inconveniently tend to grow, that make fast fashion a constant temptation that I can't always ignore. So an initiative helps- something that I can get on board with- a bit like a charity cycle ride: once you've set up a JustGiving site you feel compelled to stick to the program. (Excuse the random analogy- my husband is cycling to Paris for charity next week - just replace eschewing fast fashion with chocolate biscuits). Anyhow. The Oxfam initiative Second Hand September is here for its fourth year running, and with it comes extra encouragement to give another style of shopping a go: that of luxury preloved, charity shops, second hand insta sites, bidding sites, designers who upcycle vintage pieces etc etc. The list is extensive. Yes not buying new is a challenge. But my September blogs might help if you want to give it a go: I'll be looking at the new season's trends we can scavenge from what we already own, how to edit our wardrobes to make getting dressed each day with what we own easier ( I also do house/zoom calls if you need help with this) and generally putting out options other than the high street. I'm starting with pieces I generally look for secondhand, from some sites we should all have on our radars. ( Tip- I usually aim higher with brands if i'm going preloved- I will not lie that for me second hand also lets me get a look in at brands I might not otherwise be able to afford) Check my previous posts 'The Online Preloved Edit' and '10 Ways to Shop Sustainably in 2022' for more inspo. PS- i am literally spitting that i'm not a size five shoe for those Oxfam Stella Mccartney brogues.

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